Iolande says, “Yes, You Need to Become a Brand”

You may be wondering, why I, Iolande, say that “you need to become a brand?” It simply means that to promote your business brand, you need to truly live it and be it. This is called a personal brand. This is the persona (you of course) behind the brand.

It works just like your business must represent the branding you’ve created for it, and if the business is known due to your influence, it’ll work out better if your personalities match. This is especially true for online businesses.

If your brand is more personal, as mentioned before regarding coaches, consultants, and other experts who truly are their business, then you will become the brand because the business is you. But either way, the business itself must become the brand for it to be felt by the ideal audience and the community at large.

This is so important because:

  • Branding Creates Trust – This is one of the most essential factors in the know-like-trust principle. If you are known as the owner of a business that represents one thing and personally, you are found to represent something else that opposes that branding, you will lose trust. That’s one reason it would be hard for a non-vegan, for example, to become a very popular vegan blogger. The mismatch would create distrust.
  • Branding Improves Awareness – When you are consistent with your branding all the way around including the words you say, the ideas you promote, and the way in which you do it in terms of personality and tone, people will start to know your work the minute they see it. This improves awareness exponentially by increasing recognition.
  • Branding Makes Marketing Simpler – When you focus on branding, you will speak in the same voice, to the same audience, in the same way through the channels they like to view your work in. These efforts will be more consistent when you have branding worked out. You’ll know the type of content you want to promote, how it should look, how it should sound, and most importantly, how it should make your ideal audience feel.
  • Branding Boosts Revenue Generation – Because branding can encourage your customers to have trust in your offers, you will end up making more money. Even though branding can seem like an added expense, it’s really an investment in your business because branding is woven throughout your entire business – from product creation to customer service.
  • Branding Increases Business Value – If you ever want to sell your business, the best thing you can do for yourself is to focus on the branding of your business. When the branding is right, in that it appeals to your ideal customer invoking the know-like-trust principle, it will increase the value of your business so that when you want to sell it, you’ll get a good price.

When doing business online, most of the time you will network online as yourself using your own name as a representative for your business. Sometimes the business name and your name are the same. Sometimes the personalities are the same. That’s great, and it is easier to brand yourself in this way but consider branding your business as a separate entity to make it sellable in the future.

To get started on building your “personal brand” get your copy of my Keys to Building Your Personal Brand guide and workbook. It will walk you through step by step setting up a personal brand.

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