Iolande on Why Become an Influencer?

An influencer is someone that has the power to influence, corny definition but there it is. To go deeper an influencer is someone that can encourage sales of a book, product or service. An influencer can help to direct the general conversation around a topic or idea. An influencer can set trends.

Online, this tends to show up as the Instagram star, the YouTube creator, or the big blogger. These are the people we turn to for online content, whose opinions and intuitions we trust above others.

Understandably, big businesses want to work with influencers. They recognize that they offer the opportunity to not only increase awareness, but also to gain endorsement from someone whose opinion matters.

A successful influencer can earn as much as $1,000 per 100,000 followers on a given account, and if they promote their own products, then they can stand to earn even more! This is why most online entrepreneurs strive to become influencers.

It only happens for a few and they live lavish lifestyle because of it. However, the vast majority of online business owners never achieve this level of success simply because they don’t understand the secrets to becoming an influencer.

So, the question is, how do you go about becoming an influencer? Well rather than jump in with both feet you start off in the wading pool. Learn about becoming a micro-influencer by picking up a copy of my Micro-Influencer Empire Startup Guide. You can learn about being an influencer and start building your tribe.

Think you are ready to commit to building your own personal brand and make the journey to becoming an industry influencer then register for my upcoming LIVE coaching sessions: Building a Memorable Brand VIP Mastermind and Creating Your Influencer Empire series.

With the decline of the “gig economy” after the COVID19 pandemic starting your own online empire as an influencer will be one of the only ways to generate income and keep you going through the hard times that are coming.

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