Iolande on Starting Your Personal Brand Influencer Journey

When you start out to build your personal brand (and thus become and influencer) the first thing to do is to decide on a niche. This should be one that you are passionate about and know about. For example if you have been playing ping pong since you were three and have won numerous tournaments and have challenge matches with friends on the weekend – this is a good niche for you to focus on.

So pick you niche then you must decide on the type of content you want to create, and start getting to work building that.

When choosing a niche, you might be tempted to presume the best strategy would be to go for the most popular niche with the most searches and broadest appeal. The problem with that approach is that it is likely to mean facing a huge amount of competition.

Moreover, with a fairly generic and broad target niche, your content will likely fall into the same category.

That’s why you focus on something you are passionate about. You already know what you are going to bring to the table that makes it different. You also know whom precisely are you aiming your content at. You know what the ethos of your business is. You’ve got an idea on what you hope people will learn from you.

This is essentially what sets you apart from the competition.

Very often this comes down to choosing a sub niche. For instance, you might not just be a fitness brand, but rather a “fitness for over 50s brand.” Similarly, you might not just blog about comics and films, but speak specifically about Marvel comics and films. Or maybe you’ll speak specifically about 60s comics.

Some great examples of unique niches that still have broad appeal include:

  • The Art of Manliness – A blog all about being a “man” with a very old-timey feel to it
  • Nerd Fitness – Fitness but for nerds
  • T-Nation – A strength and fitness blog that focusses a lot on the lifestyle of being a serious heavy lifter

By finding your own specific niche within your topic of passion, you sidestep a scenario where you’re up against huge competition, and you create a brand with a stronger identity. This will also create easier marketing opportunities, as you’ll know precisely who your content is for and what they’re looking for.

To drive this home you need and must have consistency. Your logo, your photography style, and even your website must fit the tone of your passion and topic. Ideally, you want someone to look at your Instagram account or website and know instantly what it is about and whether or not it is really for them.

For example, if you are a dog walker/pet sitter your Instagram posts are photos of things to do with dogs or pets with cute tips on care or training with a link to your blog or website. You website features pictures of dogs and people walking pets and your blog focus on ways to make dog walking easier or things to look for when selecting a pet sitter.

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