Building Your Memorable Brand Mastermind

This series of coaching sessions takes you from concept to launch. You will gain the support and learn how to craft your own personal brand.

The coaching includes:

  • Building Your Special Personal Brand  – People follow and trust a person, not a business.  
  • Know Your Why – Build your core values into your brand and your ‘why’ is what inspires you to action, and it is present and consistent throughout all aspects of your life.
  • Creating Your Brand Voice – Show your individuality in all your content and stand out from the competitors
  • Building Strategic Website Content – Most websites turn people away rather than inviting them in.  
  • How to Use Content Marketing for Branding – It’s a step-by-step strategic approach to creating specific types of content that will build your brand.
  • Using Personal Storytelling In Business – people who tell compelling stories about themselves capture their audience’s attention – and once they’ve established that emotional connection, it’s far easier to persuade an audience to take action later on.
  • Build a Community Around Your Brand – Your audience craves personal connection with others like them because people don’t trust businesses or brands. They trust people who they can relate to.  


  • Entrance into Vinculum – a private forum to meet and gain support from other members
  • One 1:1 coaching session a month with Iolande to discuss your results and progress
  • Invites to three live Iolande’s Influencer Interviews recording sessions during the mastermind to interact with the guests.

Why you should build a strong personal brand:

Whether you are an author, coach or small business owner first and foremost people will remember YOU, as a person, before they remember your business.  

With a clear and compelling personal brand, you’ll be able to

  • Easily build a relationship with your audience
  • Grow your reputation as an expert or thought leader, which leads to new opportunities and new clients 
  • Share a consistent message with people you meet, so they know exactly who you are and how you can help them or how they can help you, if needed 
  • Create content that attracts your ideal audience, since you’ll know exactly what you want to talk about and how you want to say it 
  • Boost the visibility of your book, service or product, since people will see you, the person, and then want to learn about your offerings.

Duration: 24 weeks

Cost: $997 single payment or $167 monthly

Signup now as this mastermind starts in August 2020 and is only open to 100 participants.